How do I buy or sell MetaGold? What is the slippage?

Recommended slippage for buy is 14%.

Please watch video to learn how to buy:

For selling MetaGold the slippage is 28 – 36 (Total tax is 26%).
This is a 25% USDT reflection token + 1% back to LP.

We have an option to pay 0% tax, please look at the next question.

Slippage can go higher in the sell phase if there is a lot of buy pressure.
Please remember that no matter how high the slippage is, you are only getting charged for the current taxes.

Buy at 0.1 slippage with the following trick: Insert BnB amount and then put .00 at the end of the MetaGold amount, the transaction will likely go through!

How can I pay 0% tax selling MetaGold?

Unlike other reward coins, where you pay tax both on buy and sell, If you decide to hold MetaGold for the entire 1 year, then you would pay 0% sales tax. WE ARE THE ONLY REWARDS COIN OFFERING THIS SPECIAL 0% TAX CONDITION.

With MetaGold you pay 0% tax on sell, but you still enjoy high rewards from volume for the entire 1 year period, giving you the passive income in USDT which you can spend at your own leisure.

You would need to hold $1000 minimum to qualify for this special 0% tax on sell. You can make small purchase over and over again until you qualify, or start straight away with a minimum $1,000 investment.

Unlike other coins who pump and dump, MetaGold gives you the best rewards, while climbing higher in MC giving you peace of mind for a place to store your wealth, giving you passive income, without losing value.

Minimum: $1,000 (must hold for 1.5 years, limited to 500 people)
$5,000 (can hold only 1 year, limited to 100 people)

👉CLICK: https://forms.gle/aMJvg4P4qrB11CLb8

How can investors be sure MetaGold will be here LONG TERM?

There are 3 reasons WHY MetaGold will still be here for the next decades to come:

🚀#1 METAGOLD is on permanent blockchain, so as long as BINANCE is staying, MetaGold will also stay. Plus liquidity is locked for 79 years.

🚀#2 EVERYTHING IS GROWING OR DYING. We built MetaGold with the intention of SUSTAINABLE growth, that’s why we have allocated enough metagold shares toward marketing wallet, because the rewards💲 alone can sustain marketing indefinitely.

🚀#3 METAGOLD IS DESIGNED TO CREATE RAVING FANS. Unlike many new cryptos, who are in it for the short term, MetaGold #1 priority is to create raving fans❤️ because fans are customers who BUY AGAIN and AGAIN and happily REFER other people. 

Every sustainable business must create ravings fans, and that is why MetaGold will be a long term success,🦾 instead of a short-term fad, and people who understood this point as early investors 🤑 will REAP MASSIVE REWARDS by holding on to their shares.

How do you keep my investment safe?

In the same way people invest in traditional gold to keep their money safe, MetaGold offers a store of value for investors, but with more rewards than traditional gold. MetaGold is a place where people come to store their wealth with a BUY and HOLD strategy, rather than a trading technique, with only short term thinking. Our investors are people with long term thinking.

Our 25% selling fee discourages people from selling, therefore having longer periods of time where they hold, allowing MetaGold to exponentially increase in value through time. Of course as people make huge returns from investing early, the temptation to sell will be very high, but due to the high rewards accumulation-system, there will always be new buyers willing to take their place.

Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating asset class in the history of mankind. Bitcoin’s price did 6,500,000x from $0.01 to $65,000 in 12 years.

How can I be sure I will continue to receive rewards?

Digital Gold 2.0 is the revolutionary technology that people are transferring their wealth into, ensuring that there will always be investors buying and selling, creating volume, therefore giving holders consistent rewards.

It is estimated that approximately 2.9% of the market cap is exchanged on a daily basis. So the bigger the market cap gets, the more volume this generates, and the more rewards for investors. Since all cryptocurrencies generate volume, you will always see your rewards come to your wallet daily.

Could I lose money investing in MetaGold?

While all investments carry some risk, even traditional gold can go down in value temporarily. However, the risks are mostly associated with short-term traders, not long term investors. The safest way to invest in MetaGold is by HODL it, instead of trying to trade it, because MetaGold purpose is to increase in value in time, while giving holders passive income daily.

MetaGold is meant to be a store of value, a place where investors want passive income to create financial returns equal to their financial freedom goals. The longer you hold MetaGold, the more certain it’s value will go up, and for many investors the rewards alone will outweigh the initial invested capital, making MetaGold a treasure on it’s own.

Is there a Limit to MC that MetaGold can Grow to?

Due to our aggressive marketing efforts, increasing community of passionate investors, the coin has unlimited potential to grow at a total market cap of 1 billion dollars, and beyond

People are always looking for safe investments where they can put their money into, therefore making MetaGold the safehaven with the benefit of passive income. 

Digital gold 2.0 is the new place people put their money into. There is 11 trillion dollars invested in traditional gold, and a lot of that money is being transferred into Digital Gold 2.0 faster than anyone ever imagined possible before.